Healthy Environments

Woodhead, Martin and Brooker, Liz eds. (2012). Healthy Environments. Early Childhood in Focus, 8. Milton Keynes: The Open University.



This issue of Early Childhood in Focus draws attention to some key global challenges in providing healthy environments for young children. Section 1 recognises that multisectoral policy responses are needed to ensure adequate housing and improved water and sanitation, as well as recreational spaces. For young children, physical spaces are closely intertwined with emotional security and feelings of well-being. Section 2 explores the opportunities and challenges of living in urban environments.
 Young children are especially vulnerable to the physical harm that urban environments create from pollution in the air, toxins in the ground, contaminated water and waste dumps, traffic, and unsafe housing. Their homes, as well as their neighbourhoods, may be unhealthy places to grow up in. Section 3 is about the design of environments specifically for young children, including innovative ‘democratic spaces’, and ‘child-friendly spaces’ in areas affected by disasters and emergencies.

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