Coupling effects in proton scattering from 40Ca

Mackintosh, R. S. and Keeley, N. (2012). Coupling effects in proton scattering from 40Ca. Physical Review C, 85(6) 064603.




Recent studies showed that neutron pickup makes a substantial contribution to the proton optical model potential (OMP) for light, mostly halo, target nuclei. Here, we extend those studies to a more “normal” target nucleus: 40Ca. We present coupled reaction channel (CRC) calculations with the coupling of 30.3 MeV incident protons to deuterons and up to 12 states of 39Ca. The proton elastic scattering S matrix from the CRC calculation is subject to Slj→V(r)+l·s VSO(r) inversion and the bare potential of the CRC calculation is subtracted, directly yielding a local and L-independent representation of the dynamic polarization potential (DPP). This is appropriate for comparison with phenomenological OMPs and local OMPs derived in local density folding models. The real-central part of the DPP is repulsive and cannot be represented as a uniform normalization of the bare potential, changing the rms radius. A series of model calculations reveal the dependence of the DPP on a range of parameters illuminating (i) departures of nucleon potentials of specific nuclei from global properties, (ii) the generation of repulsion, and (iii) the requirements for all-order CRC and deuteron breakup. Light is thrown on the nonlocality of the underlying DPP.

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