Sustainable Professional Practice

McCormick, Michael (2010). Sustainable Professional Practice. The Open University.



The project aims were to examine the ways in which the two distance learning social work programmes (The Open University (OU)and Charles Sturt University(CSU))
operate - looking at pedagogies and in particular how learning and teaching works in the practicum. Exchange visits were organised with Associate Professor Bowles
spending 10 days at The Open University in June 2009, and Mick McCormick pending time at CSU in August/September 2009.

Our aim was to investigate the different and similar ways in which we approached the teaching of practitioners in social work.

We gained many benefits from our contacts and had opportunity to meet and work with social work academics and input to teaching and learning within respective academic institutions.

Many of our findings are reflected in recently published work, or work in publication. Findings also have an ongoing impact on the production, delivery and review of our respective practice learning social work programmes.

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