International Development in a Changing World

Papaioannou, Theo and Butcher, Melissa eds. (2013). International Development in a Changing World. The Open University's International Development series. London: Bloomsbury Academic.



International Development in a Changing World introduces key issues, debates and ideas about development in the 21st century. Uniquely interweaving international relations and development studies, the authorial team examines the contested concepts of poverty, inequality and livelihood, and the emergence of 'new powers' that will affect the architecture of international development. Themes of power and agency, history and scale, integrate the many stories of development covered in the book; they highlight development as a complex process of change and interaction between people as well as between people and institutions, including governments and non-governmental organizations. Interdisciplinary in character, the book incorporates theories and tools from across the social sciences to provide a more holistic understanding of the social, economic and political transformations involved than most textbooks in the field can offer. Chapters are designed to inform policy and practice, moving from the theoretical to look closely, using a series of case studies, at the deliberate actions of people to improve their livelihoods, communities and societies.

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