Spaces of development: cities, mobilities and ecologies

Mohan, Giles and Butcher, Melissa (2012). Spaces of development: cities, mobilities and ecologies. In: Papaioannou, Theo and Butcher, Melissa eds. International Development in a Changing World. International Development (1). London: Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 125–150.



This chapter examines the complex interconnections between cities, migration and environment in the context of shifting power between states in the world system. In particular, it asks the following questions:
1. How are space and scale related in the context of the development of rising powers such as china?
2. To what extent and in what ways are power and production concentrated in some places?
3. What sorts of 'non-economic' flows does development set in motion and how do these relate to economic ones.
4. How does economic activity engender environmental impacts that may affect more distant places?

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