'Translation reveals the other': Bacchae and a pedagogic model of reception

Parker, Janet (2009). 'Translation reveals the other': Bacchae and a pedagogic model of reception. In: de Faria Coutinho, Eduardo ed. Discontinuities and displacements: studies in comparative literature. Beyond Binarism (I). Rio de Janeiro: Aeroplano.


Hermeneutic work is based… in the play between the traditionary text’s strangeness and familiarity to us… (Gadamer Truth and Method pp.290, 295)

There are many ways of mediating texts from other cultures and in other languages to readers and students in the 21st century: in performance, in translation, with hypertext tools, in parallel or edited texts. This paper is concerned specifically with translation as a process of encounter across time and culture: translation as intercultural and interlingual meaning-making. Drawing on the experiences and writing of students of Greek Tragedy, it argues that such texts exert a ‘despite and because of’ power, one that draws in and repels, both invites and foils recognition.

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