A tour of the works: early Scottish industry observed 1790-1825

Donnachie, Ian (1994). A tour of the works: early Scottish industry observed 1790-1825. In: Cummings, A. J. G. and Devine, T. M. eds. Industry, Business and Society in Scotland since 1700: Essays Presented to Professor John Butt. Edinburgh: John Donald Publishers Ltd, pp. 43–57.


Once under way industrialization proceeded rapidly and had a dramtic and immediate impact on the Scottish environment. Resident observers and foreign visitors alike were impressed by the scale of industrial enterprises, new communities which sprang up to house the workforce, and the transport infrastructure of roads, canals, harbours etc. This chapter provides first hand accounts of what was observed on the ground by Scottish commentators themselves and numerous visiting scientists, industrialists and reformers from Europe and the US.

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