Near earth environment

McDonnell, Tony; McBride, Neil; Green, Simon F.; Ratcliff, Paul R.; Gardener, David J. and Griffiths, Andrew D. (2001). Near earth environment. In: Grun, E; Gustafson, B. A. S.; Dermott, S. F. and Gechtig, H. eds. Interplanetary Dust. New York: Springer, pp. 163–231.



This is a handbook on the physics of interplanetary dust, a topic of interest not only to astronomers and space scientists but also to engineers. The following topics are covered in the book: historical perspectives; cometary dust; near-Earth environment; meteoroids and meteors; properties of interplanetary dust, information from collected samples; in situ measurements of cosmic dust; numerical modeling of the Zodiacal Cloud structure; synthesis of observations; instrumentation; physical processes; optical properties of interplanetary dust; orbital evolution of interplanetary dust; circumplanetary dust, observations and simple physics; interstellar dust and circumstellar dust disks.

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