Industrial Archaeology in the British Isles

Butt, John and Donnachie, Ian (1979). Industrial Archaeology in the British Isles. London: Paul Elek Ltd.


A comprehensive survey of industrial archaeology in which the authors emphasise two vital points: that industrial archaeology cannot be separated from its historical, economic and social context; and that it cannot be constrained to the period after 1700. It covers a wide range of topics and features: an introduction to the subject, its scope, sources and techniques; power - water, steam, etc; agriculture and processing; textiles; metallurgy and engineering; mining and quarrying; chemicals, ceramics and glass; transport - roads, canals, railways, shipping; public services and utilities, including recreation; social archaeology, including housing. Examples are drawn from all over England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland for which a country by country gazetteer of industrial heritage is provided.

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