Evaluating and applying discourse analytic research

Taylor, Stephanie (2001). Evaluating and applying discourse analytic research. In: Wetherell, Margaret; Taylor, Stephanie and Yates, Simeon J. eds. Discourse as Data: A Guide for Analysis. London: Sage and The Open University, pp. 311–330.

URL: http://www.uk.sagepub.com/books/Book211516


The first chapter of this book presented a guide to conducting a research project and an overview of discourse analysis as one form of social research. In Chapters Two to Seven, six academics have offered detailed accounts of their own discourse analytic research, showing some of the possibilities which exist within this wide-ranging field. I will begin the final chapter of the book by summarizing the work that has been covered, reviewing Chapters Two to Seven briefly with reference to Chapter One. I will then discuss two additional and important aspects of discourse analytic research: the assessment or evaluation of the quality of the research, and its possible applications.

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