A survey of nearby galaxies for CO

Rowan-Robinson, M.; Phillips, T. G. and White, G. (1980). A survey of nearby galaxies for CO. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 82(3) pp. 381–384.

URL: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1980A%26A....82..381...


We have made a survey of the nuclei of 81 galaxies for the 1-) line of CO. 38 of the galaxies are from a complete sample with recession velocity ≦400 km s-1 and 21-cm line strength ≧10-27 Wm-2, and the remainder represent nearby galaxies with weaker or no HI, early-type galaxies (E/SO/Sa) with detected HI and active/infrared galaxies. Galaxies with strong CO lines like M82, NGC253 and IC342 are exceedingly rare: all the galaxies we observed are weaker than 0/2K except the irregular galaxy DDO133 with T*A=0.22K. We have new, confirmed detections of two other irregular galaxies, IC10 and Pegasus, at a weaker level, and unconfirmed detections of the irregular NGC3109 and the nearest Type I Seyfert galaxy NGC4051. We have confirmed the existence of CO in the nucleus of NGC6946 and obtained spectra of new positions in M82 and NGC253.

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