Observations of CO J = 3→2 emission from molecular clouds

White, Glenn J.; Phillips, J. P. and Watt, Graeme D. (1982). Observations of CO J = 3→2 emission from molecular clouds. In: Symposium on Neutral Clouds near HII Regions - Dynamics and Photochemistry, 24-26 Jun 1981, Penticton, British Columbia, Canada, pp. 237–244.


Extensive spectral observations in the CO J = 3→2 line have been made toward a sample of hot-centered molecular clouds which exhibit self-absorption or high-velocity gas. The observations were made with the 3.8-m United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) with the QMC and UKIRT submillimeter heterodyne receivers. The spectra are generally similar to observations in the lower CO transitions, though there is a tendency for enhanced red-shifted high velocity gas to be present. Mapping observations with high angular resolution have revealed accurate positions and intensity profiles for a number of sources. NGC 2068 and NGC 2023 are resolved, isolated, and symmetrical clouds, while NGC 1333 and NGC 2024 are more complex areas, containing multiple hotspots.

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