Near infrared spectroscopy of W51 IRS-2

White, G. J.; Phillips, J. P.; Williams, P. M.; Watt, G. D. and Richardson, K. J. (1982). Near infrared spectroscopy of W51 IRS-2. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 116(2) pp. 293–295.



Near-infrared spectra at 2.95-3.5 μm and 3.99-10 μm have been obtained towards W51 IRS-2 and its surroundings, in order to investigate the spatial variations in intensity of the 3.28 μm unidentified feature and the 4.05 μm Brackett-α line. The Br-α and 3.28 μm features occupy a broadly similar spatial zone, which is characterised by an unresolved core responsible for most of the emission, and an extended and considerably weaker halo. Grain properties required to excite the 4.28 microns line, the nature of the 3.28 μm emission, and its relation to the source structure are discussed.

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