The giant molecular clouds at L = 333° and in the Carina nebula

Gillespie, A. R.; White, G. J. and Watt, G. D. (1983). The giant molecular clouds at L = 333° and in the Carina nebula. In: Surveys of the Southern Galaxy, 04-06 Aug 1982, Leiden, pp. 235–238.



The two clouds are investigated in the J = 1-0 transition of CO. The observations are made with the technique described by Gillespie et al. (1979). With regard to the giant molecular cloud at 1 = 333°, it is noted that the usual picture of sequential star formation, such as that given by Elmegreen and Lada (1977), does not fit this cloud well. That the CO is in four bright sources shows that there are at least this number of active sites separated by distances of approximately 20 to 30 pc. It is thought that a mechanism such as triggering by the passage of a density wave through the cloud must be invoked. Whereas the whole cloud could be regarded as a rotating disk seen edge-on, the long rotation period, a few times 10 to the 8th years, makes this model unlikely.

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