Rodrigue et Chimène

Smith, Richard, ed. Rodrigue et Chimène. By Claude Debussy (1783). Paris, France, Éditions Durand (2003). Translated from French [français]



This is the first ever edition and completion of Debussy's unfinished opera 'Rodrigue et Chimène', second only to Pelléas et Mélisande in length. The score has prefatory material in French and English (pp. xi–lxxi) and critical notes in French and English (pp. 252–331) including 20 plates which are reproductions of the single known manuscript. The score itself, which includes passages of original composition by myself, runs from pp.1–251. The work is Volume 1 in Series VI (Œuvres lyriques) of the Œuvres Complètes of Claude Debussy edited by the late François Lesure.

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