Nakhlites and NanoSIMS via micro-CT characterisation

Needham, A. W.; Tomkinson, T. O. R.; Guillermier, C.; Abel, R. L.; Franchi, I. A. and Grady, M. M. (2010). Nakhlites and NanoSIMS via micro-CT characterisation. In: 41st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 1-5 Mar 2010, Houston, Texas.



The nakhlite meteorites contain many mineral phases that precipitated from aqueous solutions and/or were produced by the aqueous alteration of primary igneous minerals. These minerals provide an important record of the history of water on the surface and subsurface of Mars. The isotopic composition of these minerals provides valuable information for reconstructing the physical and chemical environment during formation, as well as the likely geological setting in which fluids were present. In order to reconstruct fully the history of these samples it is essential to understand the multiple episodes of aqueous activity, the relationship between the various carbonate, clay and sulphate phases, and the intricate network of veins and fractures hosting the alteration mineral assemblages.

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