Climatic and chemical controls on methane emissions from wetlands

Matthews, Elaine; Gauci, Vincent and Prigent, Catherine (2002). Climatic and chemical controls on methane emissions from wetlands. In: Society of Wetland Scientists Meeting, 3-7 Jun 2002, Lake Placid, New York.



Natural wetlands are the largest single source of methane to the atmosphere and the only one dominated by climate. Although interannual variations in methane emissions from short-term climate variations are becoming better understood, major uncertainties remain with respect to the sensitivity of wetlands and their CH4 emissions to climate variability, the sensitivity of suppression of wetland methane missions to changes in low-dose sulfate deposition, and the response of wetland dynamics to climate variations. We present results from modeling, field, and remote sensing research that integrate current understanding of the dynamics of wetlands and their methane emissions.

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