Origin and composition of carbonates, sulphates and halite on Mars

Needham, A. W.; Starkey, N. A.; Johnson, D.; Tomkinson, T.; Guillermier, C.; Abel, R. L.; Franchi, I. A. and Grady, M. M. (2011). Origin and composition of carbonates, sulphates and halite on Mars. In: 74th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, 8-12 Aug 2011, London, UK.

URL: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meetings/metsoc2011/pdf/55...


The nakhlite meteorites, widely accepted to originate on Mars, preserve complex mixtures of silicate alteration, carbonates, sulphates, halides, oxides and iron oxyhydroxides. These phases may have formed at different times, under different fluid flow regimes (groundwater, hydrothermal, crater lake), experiencing a range of water-rock ratios, evaporative histories, and varying degrees of interaction with the atmosphere and bedrock.

Using information gathered from our 3D investigations of Nakhla’s fluid pathways we have undertaken a range of insitu geochemical and isotopic analyses of carbonate, sulphate and halite in the Nakhla meteorite.

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