Scientific and Technical Aspects of the ESA MarsNEXT Mission

Chicarro, A.; Carpenter, J. D.; Fisackerly, R.; Santovincenzo, A.; Breuer, D.; Chassefiere, E.; Dehant, V.; Grady, M.; Pinet, P. and Rossi, A. P. (2010). Scientific and Technical Aspects of the ESA MarsNEXT Mission. In: Bhardwaj, Anil ed. Planetary Science (PS). Advances in Geosciences (19). World Scientific eBooks, pp. 235–249.



MarsNEXT is a mission in Phase A study by the European Space Agency in the context of preparations for a future mission for Mars Sample Return (MSR). The MarsNEXT mission demonstrates key technologies for European involvement in MSR, which will be an international effort, and also addresses unanswered questions on the interior, atmosphere and history of Mars. These science objectives are realized through a network of landers, which work in synergy with an orbiting spacecraft, a configuration which is required in order to achieve a global understanding of Mars.

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