LYNDS 379 - a new source of bipolar molecular flow

Hilton, John; White, Glenn J.; Cronin, Nigel J. and Rainey, Ruth (1986). LYNDS 379 - a new source of bipolar molecular flow. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 154 pp. 274–278.



A study has been made incorporating molecular line CO J = 2-1 and optical star counting techniques of the sharp-edged Lynds dark cloud 379. It is found to lie at a distance of 200 pc, and to have an average extinction, AB, of <2 mag. Molecular mapping has revealed the presence of a new bipolar molecular flow source coincident with a strong IRAS far infrared peak. This indicates the presence of active star formation at the edge of the cloud - possibly as a consequence of the mechanism (such as an interstellar shock) which has led to compression of the edge of L379.

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