Submillimetre CO observations of the Cepheus A outflow

Richardson, K. J.; White, Glenn J.; Avery, L. W. and Woodsworth, A. W. (1987). Submillimetre CO observations of the Cepheus A outflow. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 174(1-2) pp. 197–202.



The authors have carried out spectral mapping of the Cep A region in the J = 3-2 transition of CO. The high velocity wings symptomatic of outflowing gas are evident over a region ~6×6 arc min in extent (~1.3×1.3 pc). There appear to be 2 outflows, as found also for HCO+ by Loren et al. (1985). The CO J = 3-2 red wing intensity is enhanced relative both to lower transition CO data and to HCO+ J = 1-0, particularly to the south and east of Cep A, a result which suggests the presence of hot, optically thin gas in the flow. No such significant enhancement is seen, however, in the blue wing. The data are discussed in terms of a 2 component outflow in which the HCO+ emission originates mainly from dense clumps in the flow while a less dense (but >4×104cm-3) interclump medium is responsible for most of the 12CO emission.

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