Analysing video and audio data: existing approaches and new innovations

FitzGerald, Elizabeth (2012). Analysing video and audio data: existing approaches and new innovations. In: Surface Learning Workshop 2012, 18-20 Mar 2012, Bristol, UK.



Across many subject disciplines, video and audio data are recorded in order to document processes, procedures or interactions. These video and audio data are consequently analysed using a number of techniques, in order to try and make sense of what was happening at the time of the recording, sometimes in relation to initial hypotheses or sometimes in terms of a 'post hoc' analysis where a more grounded approach is used. This paper contains an overview of tools and techniques for examining video data and looks at potential new methods borrowed from the field of learning analytics, related to discourse analysis. Discourse analysis, where conversations and the spoken word are explored and dissected in detail, can provide us with information about the learning context and the ways in which learners interact with people and other resources in their environment.

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