Educational JavaBeans: a requirements-driven architecture

Hall, Jon and Rapanotti, Lucia (2001). Educational JavaBeans: a requirements-driven architecture. In: Proceedings of WebNet 2001 - World Conference on the WWW and Internet (Lawrence-Fowler, Wendy and Hasebrook, Joachim eds.), AACE.


In this paper we investigate, through a case study, the development of a software architecture that is compatible with a system’s high-level requirements. The case study is an example of an extended customer/supplier relationship (post-point of sale support) involved in e-Universities, this being representative of a class of enterprise without current architectural support.
In detail, we describe the relevant high-level business processes. We highlight requirements and challenges of the current business model and explore discharging and meeting them through electronic support. We propose a new blueprint architecture and argue that it is compatible with these requirements and challenges. Finally, we discuss the wider applicability of the new blueprint architecture in a wider enterprise setting.

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