The SemSearchXplorer - exploring semantic search results with semantic visualizations

Ullmann, Thomas Daniel; Uren, Victoria and Nikolov, Andriy (2009). The SemSearchXplorer - exploring semantic search results with semantic visualizations. In: AST 2009 Applications of Semantic Technologies, located at the Informatik 2009, 2 Oct 2009, Lübeck, Germany.



SemSearchXplorer is a toolkit for the exploration of semantic data. The goal is to lower user barriers to access information in semantic data repositories. Therefore SemSearchXplorer supports the user in three respects: (1) it supports querying of the semantic data with a keyword based approach, so the users do not need to learn a semantic query language, (2) it helps users find relevant results both by using semantic enriched information about the results and semantic filter options to narrow down the set of results, and (3) it provides information exploration capabilities through semantic visualizations recommended by the system. Filtering of semantic search results helps to narrow down the result set to a more manageable amount of information. Besides searching for relevant information, facilities for the exploration of the results help users to gain insight in the context of results. With several semantic visualizations, we try to help users making sense of the raw data. Based on the assumption that there is no single visualization that fits all exploration needs, SemSearchXplorer recommends visualizations based on the selected information of users.

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