Reflecting back, looking forward: the challenges for location-based learning

Brown, Elizabeth; Sharples, Mike; Wishart, Jocelyn; Tangney, Brendan; Taylor, Jacqui; Beddall-Hill, Nicola L.; Glahn, Christian; Börner, Dirk; Clough, Gill; Wijers, Monica; Jonker, Vincent; Cook, John and Lyons, Leilah (2010). Reflecting back, looking forward: the challenges for location-based learning. In: Brown, Elizabeth ed. Education in the Wild: Contextual and Location-Based Mobile Learning in Action. A Report from the STELLAR Alpine Rendez-Vous Workshop Series. Nottingham, UK: Learning Sciences Research Institute, University of Nottingham, pp. 52–53.



This final section of the report has been reproduced from “D3.1 The STELLAR Rendez-Vous I report and white papers”, published in 2009 by the STELLAR Network of Excellence. It is included here for completeness; we, as co-authors, felt that it was important to look back at the main contributions to theworkshop and also where the challenges lie for the future.

This chapter addresses two critical questions:
- What has been learned from this workshop, especially in respect to the STELLAR Grand Challenges (“Connecting learners”, “Orchestration” and “Contextualisation”)?
- What are the new research questions and issues for location-based learning, with respect to the Grand Challenges (“Connecting learners”, “Orchestration”and “Contextualisation”)?

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