CCH N = 4-3 emission from dense interstellar clouds

Watt, G. D.; White, G. J.; Millar, T. J. and van Ardenne, A. (1988). CCH N = 4-3 emission from dense interstellar clouds. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 195(1-2) pp. 257–262.



The authors have searched for N = 4 - 3 rotational line emission from the ethynyl radical CCH, at 349 GHz toward a number of galactic molecular clouds. They have detected emission from ten giant molecular clouds and have derived CCH column densities on the order of 1014 - 1015cm-2. They find that CCH emission arises from dense gas, n(H2) ~ 104 - 105cm-3, but not from very dense material, n(H2) > 106cm-3, nor from hot gas such as the "hot core" region in Orion.

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