CO line emission in pre-main sequence sources

di Giorgio, A. M.; Benedettini, M.; Pezzuto, S.; Saraceno, P.; Spinoglio, L.; Correia, J. C.; Griffin, M.~J.; Leeks, S. J.; White, G. J.; Molinari, S.; Tommasi, E.; Caux, E.; Liseau, R. and Smith, H. (1999). CO line emission in pre-main sequence sources. In: Optical and Infrared Spectroscopy of Circumstellar Matter, 10-12 Mar 1999, Tautenburg, Germany, p. 93.



We present some overall results, obtained with the Long Wavelength Spectrometer aboard the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO-LWS), of the far-infrared spectra (45-190 μm) of the sources belonging to the pre-main sequence stellar evolution guaranteed time program. Strong molecular lines were detected in most of the Class 0, in the low luminosity Class I and in some Class II sources: for the first time thermally excited water was observed, plus several hydroxl lines and carbon monoxide high-J transitions. All these lines can be explained by the presence of a warm and dense (T=200 - 2000 K; n(H2)=104-106 cm-3) gas component.

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