Far-infrared cooling lines in pre-MS sources

Saraceno, P.; Nisini, B.; Benedettini, M.; di Giorgio, A. M.; Giannini, T.; Kaufman, M. J.; Lorenzetti, D.; Molinari, S.; Pezzuto, S.; Spinoglio, L.; Tommasi, E.; Caux, E.; Ceccarelli, C.; Clegg, P. E.; Correia, J. C.; Griffin, M. J.; Leeks, S. J.; Liseau, R.; Smith, H. A. and White, G. J. (1999). Far-infrared cooling lines in pre-MS sources. In: The Universe as Seen by ISO, 20-23 Oct 1998, Paris, p. 575.

URL: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1999ESASP.427..575S


We review the results of the observations in the 45-190 μm wavelength range with the ISO Long Wavelength Spectrometer of a sample of Class 0, Class I, Class II pre-Main Sequence objects. We briefly discuss the role of [OI] and of molecular lines in the cooling of these sources.

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