Far-infrared CO line emission of protostars in NGC 1333

Caux, E.; Ceccarelli, C.; Castets, A.; Loinard, L.; Molinari, S.; Saraceno, P.; Smith, H. A. and White, G. J. (1999). Far-infrared CO line emission of protostars in NGC 1333. In: The Universe as Seen by ISO, 20-23 Oct 1998, ESTEC, Holland, p. 643.

URL: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1999ESASP.427..643C


Using the Long Wavelength Spectrometer aboard ISO, we have observed three very young sources (Class 0 or I) in the molecular cloud NGC1333. We discuss in this contribution the FIR CO line emission observed towards the sources themselves and conclude that both a rather warm (~ 1500 K) and dense (~ 105 cm-3) gas or a colder (~ 300 K) and much denser (≥ 108 cm-3) gas are consistent with the data. Based on this analysis only we cannot distinguish between the two cases and therefore assess whether the observed emission originates in a shock associated with the outflow or in the innermost, dense and warm regions of the envelopes that surround these sources.

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