From paper to the web: the ELP in the digital era

Alvarez, Inma (2012). From paper to the web: the ELP in the digital era. In: Kühn, Bärbel and Perez Cavana, Maria Luisa eds. Perspectives from the European Language Portfolio: Learner autonomy and self-assessment. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 125–142.



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Using constructivist principles and autonomous learning techniques the ELP has pioneered innovative and cutting edge approaches to learning languages that can be applied to learning across the spectrum. Although articles on the success of the ELP project have appeared in some academic journals, Perspectives from the European Language Portfolio is the first book to report on and contextualise the project’s innovative techniques for a wider educational research audience.

During the last ten years the ELP has increasingly become a reference tool for language learning and teaching in primary, secondary and tertiary educational settings all around Europe. The editors of this volume believe that there is a need to reflect on the significant contribution that the ELP has delivered for language learning and teaching, and to critically evaluate its achievements.

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