Practical utopianism and ecological citizenship: new struggles for 'the political'

Smith, Mark (2012). Practical utopianism and ecological citizenship: new struggles for 'the political'. In: Campagna, Federico ed. What are we struggling for? London: Pluto Press (In Press).


This chapter addresses the elements of the utopian tradition that have been recently articulated in debates on ecological citizenship, namely forms of utopian theory and practice that are practically adequate for realising concrete change. Drawing on theories of agonistic democracy, it addresses the debate over authoritarian technocracy and ecological democracy and highlights the radical implications of adopting ecological citizenship, its transgressions of traditional assumptions of citizenship and its capabilities for generating new political subjects.
This chapter is part of as series of interventions on contemporary protests and movements to ask the question - what are we struggling for? Based on an ICA conference it brings together some of the UK’s most exciting radical thinkers to grapple with these issues.

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