OER prospects and possibilities: reflections on the project

de Heer-Menlah, Kofi; Tackie, George; Bedi, Ibrahim; Obeng, Bernard; Asamoah, Gordon and Paton, Rob (2011). OER prospects and possibilities: reflections on the project. In: Paton, Rob ed. ABLE-GHANA: Reports, Resources, Reflections. Milton Keynes: The Open University, pp. 86–90.

URL: http://labspace.open.ac.uk/file.php/6045/Able-Ghan...


The OER project presented serious challenges and took the visiting team out of their ‘comfort zone’. Most still hardly knew what the term meant, but they were expected to set about creating OERs in a short period of time. They faced serious technological obstacles and had to master unfamiliar systems, working under intense time pressure. The technological frustrations continued back in Ghana where, in addition, colleagues were wary about OERs as much as they were interested in them. Indeed, one could argue that the whole project was ill- conceived and badly managed… except that the results were so good. The fact is that the 20 or so OU staff who attended the seminar in December were hugely impressed by the variety and quality of the work presented. That this included an improvised video to illustrate particular marketing concepts showed the teams’ willingness to experiment and explore the technological possibilities.

Impressive and gratifying though this was, it is not the heart of the matter. This was an action research project that should be judged in the last analysis by the usable knowledge that it generated, rather than the particular OERs it produced. So the question is, ‘What have we learned about the possibilities for the creation and use of OERs in and for Ghanaian business schools?’. Viewed from this perspective, many of the frustrations represent significant data concerning issues and obstacles that will need to be addressed. This paper presents our initial reflections and analysis of the project experiences, focusing on the questions it was designed to explore.

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