Assessing large cohorts

Paton, Rob (2011). Assessing large cohorts. In: Paton, Rob ed. ABLE-GHANA: Reports, Resources, Reflections. Milton Keynes: The Open University, p. 60.



In the first sessions, the issues we discussed centred on the workload that large classes imposed on lecturers, the scope for ICTs to save time, and what lecturers needed to do to maintain the integrity of their assessments. In Kumasi, we shared examples of the assessments we set our students and the discussions went deeper. Margaret Crabbe’s description of how she had used elements of peer assessment in one of her courses stimulated an animated discussion about whether this might provide one way of ‘squaring the assessment circle’. Online searches quickly produced a range of resources and demonstrated that this was an established practice in both Europe and North America. Rob Paton reported on some of the research on peer assessment that had prompted the OU to explore how it might be adapted for use in distance learning.
Buoyed by this new information, peer assessment became the

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