Part 2 Case Studies

Nyathi, Nceku and Akortsu, Prince Kodua (2011). Part 2 Case Studies. In: Paton, Rob ed. ABLE-GHANA: Reports, Resources, Reflections. Milton Keynes: The Open University, pp. 24–34.



Not surprisingly, the current popularity and success of the case method in business schools attracted a lot of interest in ABLE-Ghana. Right from our first gathering in January 2010, GIMPA’s Rector set the tone in his welcome address by stressing the importance of the need to produce and use locally written case studies. This became an overwhelmingly agreed area of focus that required urgent exploration by ABLE-Ghana. It was felt that there was an over-reliance on cases produced outside Ghana, mainly western case studies that did not seem to relate to and prepare students for the real world that they were going to be engaged in. The paucity of local cases had arisen owing to the limited activity in Ghana and Africa in writing them, leading to a reliance on materials produced in the west. ABLE-Ghana therefore created the space to explore the wide range of potential benefits of using the case study method in management and education. Could it provide a platform for further transformative resource building? To that end, the ABLE-Ghana case study group was also tasked with covering the skills for writing case studies, exploring their use in assessment and understanding the issues involved in using case studies with students in Ghana and Africa.

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