Part 1 New SME curricula

Obeng, Bernard and Blundel, Richard (2011). Part 1 New SME curricula. In: Paton, Rob ed. ABLE-GHANA: Reports, Resources, Reflections. Milton Keynes: The Open University, pp. 14–20.


We began our work at the first residential meeting in Accra (January 2010) by discussing the nature of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and entrepreneurship in a Ghanaian context, clarifying our understanding of the informal sector, and identifying priority areas for curriculum development. At an early stage, we recognised that there was a need to develop more appropriate courses to support enterprise education within our universities and also entrepreneurial learning beyond the campus, particularly in relation to the informal sector. This work informed the first phase, in which we began to engage with SMEs and their associations and to establish their various requirements through dialogue and knowledge sharing. This information was brought back to the second residential meeting in Kumasi (July 2010) as the basis for designing new types of provision. At Kumasi, we worked on two projects that are reported in more detail in the following sections:

♦ A problem-based design for the informal sector: the Sokoban Wood Village Project (Section 1.2)

♦ Strategies for curriculum review and course design in Ghanaian universities (Section 1.3)

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