Quantum information

Nixon, Tony (2011). Quantum information. In: Ramage, Magnus and Chapman, David eds. Perspectives in Information. Routledge Studies in Library and Information Science. Abingdon, UK and New York, USA: Routledge, pp. 121–133.

URL: http://www.routledge.com/books/details/97804158841...


Quantum theory is astonishingly accurate in predicting experimental results and enabling us to understand and engineer objects at an atomic scale. My intention in this chapter is not to give a full and comprehensive description of quantum information, but to try to give some insights into ways in which thinking about information in the world of quantum physics is forced to differ from the traditional classical perspective. The Chapter briefly describes how measurements on quantum systems are interpreted and how interpretation has altered over the last century, giving some idea of their consequences when applied to information systems in the construction of logic gates and for encryption.

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