A high velocity molecular cloud near the center of the Galaxy

Oka, Tomoharu; Hasegawa, Tetsuo; White, Glenn J.; Sato, Fumio; Tsuboi, Masato and Miyazaki, Atsushi (1998). A high velocity molecular cloud near the center of the Galaxy. In: The Central Regions of the Galaxy and Galaxies, 18-22 Aug 1997, Kyoto, Japan.

URL: http://cdsads.u-strasbg.fr/abs/1998IAUS..184..193O


In our high resolution CO J = 1-0 images taken with the 2x2 focal-plane array receiver at the 45 m telescope of Nobeyama Radio Observarory, we find a peculiar compact (< 5 pc) cloud, CO0.024-0.028, at about 5' north from the center of the Galaxy. CO0.024-0.028 stands out its extremely broad line width (DV ~300 km/s) and enhanced gas kinetic temperature (Tk ≥ 70 K). Recent observations with JCMT have revealed that CO0.024-0.028 is overwhelmingly bright in its CO J = 3-2 line emission, appearing even brighter than the Galactic center circumnuclear disk. In fact, CO0.024-0.028 is the dominant source in the vicinity of the nucleus of our Galaxy, and it clearly has a conspicuously high density and temperature. We are about to propose that CO0.024-0.028 may have been accelerated, heated and compressed by one or more SNRs younger than 1E4 years.

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