A SCUBA submillimetre survey of the galactic centre

Pierce-Price, D.; Richer, J. S.; Lasenby, A. N.; Holland, W. S.; Greaves, J. S.; Jenness, T.; Matthews, H. E.; White, G. J.; Ward-Thompson, D.; Dent, W. R. F.; Zylka, R.; Mezger, P.; Hasegawa, T. and Oka, T. (2000). A SCUBA submillimetre survey of the galactic centre. In: Imaging at Radio through Submillimeter Wavelengths, ASP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 217, 06-09 Jun 1999, Tucson.

URL: http://articles.adsabs.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/nph-iar...


We present first results from a wide-field submillimetre survey of the Galactic Centre, using SCUBA on the JCMT. Our ultimate aim is to map the central 3.0 × 0.6° region of the Galactic Plane at 450 and 850μm. The `Central Molecular Zone', contains up to 10% of the Galaxy's molecular ISM. This survey will give an unbiased map of the temperature-weighted column density, to measure the total gas mass, find regions of star-formation, and investigate the cloud structures. So far, we have mapped approximately a 1.5 × 0.6° area, including the Sgr A, Sgr B2, and Sgr D regions. Already our data show striking, complex features, such as filaments and shell-like structures, particularly in the Sgr A and Sgr D regions. We have used SCUBA's scan-map mode. Due to chopping of the secondary mirror, this creates dual-beam convolved images. To deconvolve the chop-function, we have used the `Emerson 2' algorithm, combining observations made of the same field using different chop throws and orthogonal chop position angles. Subsequent observations will complete the survey, and we are also developing alternative deconvolution algorithms.

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