Big issues: the example of learning platforms

Underwood, Jean; Bartolomé, Antonio and Lefrere, Paul (2011). Big issues: the example of learning platforms. In: Carneiro, Roberto; Lefrere, Paul; Steffens, Karl and Underwood, Jean eds. Self-Regulated Learning in Technology Enhanced Learning Environments - A European Perspective. Technology Enhanced Learning (5). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers, pp. 145–153.



An example of a Grand Challenge for researchers in Self Regulated Learning, SRL, would be "to use software to improve an increasingly wide range of cognitive skills in learners". Examples of related Big Issues might be "to identify component skills that can be taught individually", in support of Big Outcomes for successful self regulated learners, such as to recognise a need to learn; make wise choices in relation to that need; and satisfy that need efficiency and affordably. This chapter explores some elements of Grand Challenges and Big Issues in SRL.

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