The ALEP platform for language research and engineering

Simpkins, N. K.; Groenendijk, M. and Meylemans, P. (1993). The ALEP platform for language research and engineering. In: EAGLES Workshop on Implemented Formalisms, 1-3 Mar 1993, DFKI, Saarbruken, Germany.



This paper describes some of the aspects of the Advanced Linguistic Engineering Platform (ALEP) prototype system (ALEP-0) [SIM-93a]. ALEP is an initiative of the Commission of the European Communities (CEC) to provide the natural language research and engineering community in Europe with a versatile and flexible general purpose development environment.

The lingustic formalism and tools of the current prototype, and development of a full more extensive and open environment are outlined. The architecture of the platform which is intended to support cooperation, exchange and re-use of results and resources, comparative evaluation and application prototyping, is also described.

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