Organising social enterprises in Denmark

Schøtt, Thomas; Spear, Roger and Hulgaard, Lars (2009). Organising social enterprises in Denmark. In: Schøtt, Thomas ed. Social and commercial entrepreneurship in Denmark 2009. Syddansk Universitet, pp. 111–124.



Social entrepreneurship is activity that is organised with particular social, environmental or community objective. Social entrepreneurship may be providing services or training to socially deprived or disabled persons, using profits for socially oriented purposes, or organising self-help groups for community action. The question is: how is social entrepreneurship organised in Denmark?
Specifically, what are the organisational features concerning:
- social, environmental and economic goals in social entrepreneurship
- innovation through social entrepreneurship
- legal forms of social enterprises
- financing of social enterprises
- reinvestment of surplus in developing social goals
- public backing of social enterprises
- networking for advice
- management and staffing of social enterprises
- size of social enterprises and expectations for growth

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