Asynchronous online teaching

Green, Hannelore; St. John, Elke; Warnecke, Sylvia and Atkinson, Vikki (2011). Asynchronous online teaching. In: Nicolson, Margaret; Murphy, Linda and Southgate, Margaret eds. Language Teaching in Blended Contexts. Edinburgh, UK: Dunedin Academic Press, pp. 169–184.



About the book:
This book is written for those teaching languages to adults in blended contexts in higher, further and adult education where a mix of delivery modes and tools may be in use. The edited volume offers a comprehensive overview of the key issues faced and of the developmental issues that may arise for teachers themselves and for those responsible for their professional development. The book examines the impact of different learning environments (online, face-to-face, telephone) on pedagogic practice and language learner support and recognises the particular socio-cultural, psycho-linguistic and cognitive issues that have to be taken into account when working with diverse adult language learners in blended settings. Research in the field underpins the chapters to better inform and develop good practice.
The editors and contributors have all worked on the production and teaching presentations of Open University (OU) courses in French, German, Spanish, Welsh, Italian, Chinese and English. Many of them have also been responsible for the professional development of teaching teams working in varied blended models. The authors draw on pioneering and innovative work carried out in the fifteen years since the inception of language courses at the Open University, where blended models have been modified and become more complex over the years. The ideas they present are therefore well-formed, tested and have been approached reflectively.

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