Aircraft Noise: Assessment, prediction and Control

Zapoozhets, Oleksandr; Tokarev, Vadim and Attenborough, Keith (2011). Aircraft Noise: Assessment, prediction and Control. London, UK and New York, USA: Spon Press (Taylor and Francis).



Aircraft noise has adverse impacts on passengers, airport staff and people living near airports, it thus limits the capacity of regional and international airports throughout the world. Reducing perceived noise of aircraft involves reduction of noise at source, along the propagation path and at the receiver.
Effective noise control demands highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers. This book is for them. It shows you how accurate and reliable information about aircraft noise levels can be gained by calculations using appropriate generation and propagation models, or by measurements with effective monitoring systems. It also explains how to allow for atmospheric conditions, natural and artificial topography as well as detailing necessary measurement techniques.

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