A knowledge-based multimedia adaptation management framework for ubiquitous services

Li, Ning; Attou, Abdelhak; Shahadi, Merat and Moessner, Klaus (2011). A knowledge-based multimedia adaptation management framework for ubiquitous services. In: Lugmayr, Artur; Franssila, Heljä; Näränen, Pertti; Sotamaa, Olli; Vanhala, Jukka and Yu, Zhiwen eds. Media in the Ubiquitous Era: Ambient, Social and Gaming Media. IGI Global, pp. 149–169.

URL: http://www.igi-global.com/chapter/knowledge-based-...


The range of multimedia contents and services on the Internet, the diversity of terminals, and the heterogeneity of network technologies make it less and less feasible and rather costly for providers to prepare contents and services in advance in all conceivable formats. There is a need to incorporate dynamic adaptation management into existing multimedia content/service delivery networks. We propose an Adaptation Management Framework (AMF) that provides architectural and functional support allowing dynamic and autonomous content/service adaptation without introducing additional complexities to the actual content/service provider or the user. The AMF provides functionalities needed in such an automated adaptation process, including context representation, adaptation decision making and adaptation operations selection across heterogeneous entities and platforms. It alleviates the complexity of those tasks using ontology representation formalism and knowledge-based processing techniques. It deploys itself as well as associated third-party applications, such as adaptation tools, as Web Services to enhance the interoperability among different entities. The AMF can be plugged into content/service delivery networks as an adaptation engine and serves as an invisible service enabler for ubiquitous content/service delivery.

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