Logistics and supply chain practices in Spain; a methodological approach

Diaz, Angel; Claes, Björn and Revilla, Elena (2008). Logistics and supply chain practices in Spain; a methodological approach. In: 7th International Meeting for Research in Logistics, 24-26 Sep 2008, Avignon, France.

URL: http://www.airl-logistique.org/fr/files/?view=353


This paper describes the methodology used to research the present state of logistics practices in Spain. This study is part of a large on-going government-funded project aimed at enhancing the understanding of the Spanish logistics sector and improving its logistics competitiveness through the application of identified best practices and other recommendations. The research described in the paper intends to establish a road map of actions that Spanish companies and the state can use to close existing gaps between global best practices and practices currently used in Spain. The research design was developed to serve a dual purpose; to contribute to the government goals founded in immediate practical applicability, and to obtain data suitable for academic research taking place on a higher level of abstraction. The methodological approach addresses the current debate on the tension between rigorous research design and practical relevant research by combining both.

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