Supporting shape reinterpretation with eye tracking

Jowers, Iestyn; Prats, Miquel; Pedreira, Nieves; McKay, Alison and Garner, Steven (2011). Supporting shape reinterpretation with eye tracking. In: 'Circuit bending, breaking and mending', the 16th conference of Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA), 27-30 Apr 2011, Newcastle, Australia.



It has been argued that reinterpretation is an essential process in design generation and idea exploration. However, computational design tools, such as computer-aided design systems, offer poor support for shape reinterpretation, and as such are not well suited to ideation in conceptual design. One of the key difficulties in implementing computational systems that support shape reinterpretation is the issue of interface – how can a user intuitively guide a system with respect to their interpretation of a designed shape? In this paper, a software prototype is presented that uses an eye tracking interface to support reinterpretation of shapes according to recognised subshapes. The prototype is based on eye tracking studies, and uses gaze data and user input to restructure designed shapes so that they afford manipulation according to users’ interpretations.

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