Infrared Space Observatory spectroscopy of HH 7–11 flow and its redshifted counterpart

Molinari, Sergio; Noriega‐Crespo, Alberto; Ceccarelli, Cecilia; Nisini, Brunella; Giannini,, Teresa; Lorenzetti, Dario; Caux, Emmanuel; Liseau, Rene; Saraceno, Paolo and White, Glenn J. (2000). Infrared Space Observatory spectroscopy of HH 7–11 flow and its redshifted counterpart. The Astrophysical Journal, 538(2) pp. 698–709.



We have used the two spectrometers on the Infrared Space Observatory to observe the HH 7-11 flow, its redshifted counterpart, and the candidate exciting source SVS 13 in the star formation region NGC 1333. We detect atomic ([O I] 63 μm, [O I] 145 μm, [Si II] 34.8 μm, [C II] 158 μm) and molecular (H2, CO, H2O) lines at various positions along the bipolar flow. Most of the observed lines can be explained in terms of shock-excited emission. In particular, our analysis shows that dissociative (J-type) and nondissociative (C-type) shocks are simultaneously present everywhere along both lobes of the flow. We confirm the low-excitation nature of the Herbig-Haro nebulosities, with shock velocities Vs [less than/similar to]40-50 km s-1. Toward both lobes of the outflow, we find preshock densities of n0 ~ 104 cm-3 for both the J and C components, implying B0 ~ 100 μG for B0αn00.5. In the central region of the flow, close to the exciting source, the preshock density deduced for the C-shock component is n0 ~ 105 cm-3, suggesting a magnetic field ~3 times stronger. We propose that the deficiency of gas-phase water in the post-C-shock regions is caused by freezing onto warm grains processed through the J-shock front and traveling along the magnetic field lines. The total observed cooling from the dissociative shock components is consistent with the power lost by a slow molecular outflow accelerated by a fast neutral HI wind. Finally, the skin of the cloud seen in projection toward the flow appears to be weakly photoionized by BD +30°549, the dominant illuminating source of the NGC 1333 reflection nebula.

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