Narrative creation from online video as knowledge representation

Barthel, Ralph; Sharples, Mike and Ainsworth, Shaaron (2009). Narrative creation from online video as knowledge representation. In: Artificial Intelligence in Education: Building Learning Systems that Care: From Knowledge Representation to Affective Modelling, 6-10 Jul 2009, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



Abstract. Software applications to share and remediate video have become ubiquitous and interacting with video has developed into a mainstream cultural activity in many societies. Like other media video has benefits and limitations for learning. We describe in this paper Video Pathways, a social Video Environment for learning through creation of multi-path online video. Our research assesses whether creation of video narratives multi-path representations, based on ubiquitous video from popular video hosting sites, is an effective way to represent knowledge. Initial formative evaluation with Video Pathways has revealed good usability and desirability and shown the creative potential of Video Pathways.

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