Linked education: interlinking educational resources and the web of data

Dietze, Stefan; Yu, Hong Qing; Giordano, Daniela; Kaldoudi, Eleni; Dovrolis, Nikolas and Taibi, Davide (2012). Linked education: interlinking educational resources and the web of data. In: The 27th ACM Symposium On Applied Computing (SAC-2012), Special Track on Semantic Web and Applications, 25-29 Mar 2012, Trento, Italy.



Research on interoperability of technology-enhanced learning (TEL) repositories throughout the last decade has led to a fragmented landscape of competing approaches, such as metadata schemas and interface mechanisms. However, so far Web-scale integration of resources is not facilitated, mainly due to the lack of take-up of shared principles, datasets and schemas. On the other hand, the Linked Data approach has emerged as the de-facto standard for sharing data on the Web and offers a large potential to solve interoperability issues in the field of TEL. In this paper, we describe a general approach to exploit the wealth of already existing TEL data on the Web by allowing its exposure as Linked Data and by taking into account automated enrichment and interlinking techniques to provide rich and well-interlinked data for the educational domain. This approach has been implemented in the context of the mEducator project where data from a number of open TEL data repositories has been integrated, exposed and enriched by following Linked Data principles.

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