Fellini-Satyricon: Petronius and Film

Paul, Joanna (2009). Fellini-Satyricon: Petronius and Film. In: Prag, Jonathan R. W. and Repath, Ian D. eds. Petronius: A Handbook. Oxford, UK: Wiley - Blackwell, pp. 198–217.

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About the book:
Petronius: A Handbook unravels the mysteries of the Satyrica, one of the greatest literary works that antiquity has bequeathed to the modern world. Includes a dozen original essays by a team of leading Petronius and Roman history scholars. Features the first multi-dimensional approach to Satyricon studies by exploring the novel's literary structure, social and historic contexts, and modern reception. Supplemented by illustrations, plot outline, glossary, map, bibliography, and suggestions for further reading.

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